Next week’s schedule and other stuff!

Hello to all,

Here is next week’s schedule as it stands right now-please be aware that things can change quickly-we will do our best to get the information out to you as soon as we can-also please pay attention to Twitter-coach will send most changes that way as well, unless he has me do it-as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

We are early next week. Gold 3:45-4:45 and Green 4:45-6. However, Monday 3/12 and Tuesday 3/13 Green will be going to Pinnacle Sports on Rt 18 from 8-10 and on Wednesday 3/14 Gold will go to Pinnacle from 8-10. On these days players will ONLY go to Pinnacle. Players will need to provide their own rides. 
Also, if your squad is not going to Pinnacle, then you will practice right after school. 
Thursday is normal and Friday practice will start at 3 o’clock due to early release. 
As of right now the Scrimmage with Lake on Tuesday has been cancelled-


The schedules are on this website with links to Google maps-it is under schedule at the top of the pages-these can change often so you will need to pay attention-I will do my best to keep up with it but pay attention to Twitter or emails for changes-those could happen on the day of the change and wouldn’t be on the website yet
Also, if you click on calendar at the top of the pages- the games will be listed there as well and you can link to your calendar by using the instructions on the bottom of that page.
Of course you can still use Arbiter-but sometimes that may not have been updated yet either-best bet is your player–
I also want to mention something that we did not talk about on Meet the Player/Team night- the JV team has 4 double headers AT HOME on Saturdays (at this time)-please note that in the past we have traditionally provided a small lunch for our team AND the visitors team-this is up to us to set up- it takes all of us together to put together a good  in-between meal for the teams-The parents of kids on the JV team on those days should get together and figure out a meal plan-I’m hoping that several of you will step up and take charge to help lead this-Again this is only for our home game double headers.
I know the Varsity has 1 home double header as well and will need to do the same. (most of the time the other teams do this for us as well-but we don’t assume they will)
Also if you know of someone on the team or parent that is not getting these emails-please let me know ASAP so I can fix that-please provide the name and email address and to whom you belong to-I’ve sent out emails to a couple of bad emails that I assume are not going through-I have notified those people. If there are others let me know. 
Also orders for Spirit wear are due by Friday 3/16-payment due at that time-also if using PayPal-mention that on order form-make sure you note on PayPal what money is for.
Player dues of $150 are due by 3/31 to coach-cash, PayPal (note player fee) or check to Firestone Baseball Association (FBA)
And don’t forget to give a $25 gift card for our “calendar” fund raiser-you can put it in an envelope marked to give to Dana Shoff and give to coach-