Next Week update

Happy Spring Break!

I just wish spring would actually break-and stay.
So a quick note to all-since I will be traveling with the varsity to Myrtle Beach I most likely will not be sending out information on Sun-For the JV and Freshmen here-please be sure you are in contact with coaches or the contact person to let you know about the week ahead. I know there are several freshmen games scheduled-but need to pay attention to the coaches texts the kids should be getting for updates. Any questions you have, please contact those coaches. I’m sure if they are not playing, there are going to be several practices.
Scheduled freshmen games for next week-
Tues 4/10 University School-Shaker Heights at home  5:00 PM
Wed 4/11 Padua Franciscan HS-5:00 PM–for this field– I am not sure about location
Thurs 4/12 Padua Franciscan HS at home 5:00PM
Fri 4/13 Perry Massillon HS at home 5:00 PM
Again, watch for cancellations-also any field changes at home if they are able to find another field to play on if need be.
Practices will be determined by coaches and will let you know.

Also, I apologize if anyone has difficulty finding a field based on what I have listed-I can only list what was given to us as directions. I know there are several games that are not at the schools listed and if I know where they are I put that in. Always check with coaches if have any concerns. I try the best I can, but it doesn’t always give us the correct information-also Arbiter does not always have the right field either. Remember too that Arbiter is not always up to date-our AD is able to change only the information regarding our home games-he cannot change the information for away games, those have to be done by those schools.¬† So always pay attention to Twitter if it is updated and your player. They should always have the latest information.
Also when I return, or maybe while I’m down there, I will put together the list of emails for parents. I have not recieved anyone stating they do not want their information (email only) shared. If you don’t want your information shared. please let me know ASAP.
This is a great way to reach each other for rides, questions about directions, games, etc and for helping with the meals for the double headers (if we ever play any).
Please try to sell calendars this week-shoot for 10 per player and maybe even get more!! It’s such any easy way for us to make money!
Also, if you have not payed your player fee, it is past due.
Lastly, there are still a couple of the new kids that I do not have all the information I need-please go to the player/parent tab at the bottom of the page to fill out.
Thanks and have a great week off!
Hope the weather is OK here!
As always, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask