Meet the Player/Team Night

To Parents and Players,

Congratulations and Welcome to the 2018 Firestone Baseball Team! We look forward to a great year.

Meet the player/team night will be Mon 2/26 at 6 pm in the cafeteria. This meeting is mandatory for players and highly recommend parents/adult representatives to attend. You must let coach know if you are unable to attend.

Here is the list of what to bring based on last name–the board will provide the main dish-

A-D—Deserts or Fruit

E-K—Side dishes (potatoes, rice or pasta type dishes)

L-P—Salads or some type of vegetable

R-W—cooler with ice if possible with drinks for about 24 each-(splitting so we have a variety)

     R-SC-Gatorade/Powerade type drinks

     SH-SP-some type of Soda/Ice tea/juice


If you have not done so yet THIS year, it would help me out so much if you all could please get on the website and go to the player and parent information form at the bottom of the first page. I need ALL of you to fill this out completely with your parent’s and your full names, email addresses and phone numbers. Even if you are getting emails, please still go on and sign in–Even if you had done so in the past year or two-I need to have updated and current information. I don’t have names attached to several email addresses that I already have so I don’t always know who I am sending information to. If you can’t get online, please fill out the player contact form that coach or I will give you and return to coach as soon as possible.  I know that there are kids on the list that I have no information for-please be sure that you pass along all this information among yourselves, so I know that I am reaching all of you.

I will be weeding out old information and if I don’t have updates with proper names attached I will be deleting them. This will put you at risk of not receiving important information.

So far, I have had several updates and thank you for that-I only need it to be done 1 time so ask each other if it may have been done already-and hope they put in the right information-😊




Initial practice schedule after tryouts

Once teams are chosen: There will be practice on Thursday and Friday this week at 6 pm and there will be a practice on Sat afternoon-time to be determined.

Then next week starting Monday 2/26 there will be practice right after school (3:30)

Practice times will change after next week but we will update as we know more.
The kids will always be notified of practice schedules so you should check with them often as well.

Also there are no more morning conditioning sessions.

Thanks everyone and enjoy the warm weather!

(See I promised no more reminders about tryouts!)


Last reminder for tryouts!

OK folks-1 more time—:)

Tryouts are from 6-8 pm on/for:

Mon 2/19 and Tues 2/20–Freshmen

Tues 2/20–Freshmen and Sophomores

Wed 2/21-Juniors and Seniors

Need to have your physical forms turned in before tryouts if you need it

Meet the Team Night will be Mon 2/26-more info to come-

Have a wonderful weekend and the temperatures are hitting in the 60s next week!


Just another friendly reminder

  • Tryouts are set for week of the 19th
  • Mon 2/19 and Tues 2/20–Freshmen 
  • Tues 2/20–Freshmen and Sophomores 
  • Wed 2/21-Juniors and Seniors
  • Need to have your physical forms turned in before tryouts if you need it
  • Meet the Team Night will be Mon 2/26-more info to come-

Enjoy the weekend and hope for spring to come early!

Tryout schedule-

Hello to all,
Happy day after the Super Bowl-again thank you to all who bought/sold squares-it was a good game-with some unusual scoring-

So here is what you all have been waiting for-
TRYOUT Schedules
Tryouts are scheduled for February 19-21st from 6-8pm in the ACT gym-
9th grade on the 19th and 20th
10th grade on the 20th
11th and 12th grade on the 21st

There will be a Meet The Team night scheduled very shortly after the teams are picked-it will be a pot luck dinner of sorts-once the day is nailed down-will let you know as soon as possible as it will come up quickly-

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us



Current baseball schedule

The schedule for baseball is as follows: Conditioning and morning hitting takes place from 6:45-7:30. Freshmen and Sophomores Monday’s and Wednesday’s, Juniors and Seniors Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
Pitchers and catchers report Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 6-8 pm.
This schedule will continue until Tryouts.

Mandatory OHSAA meeting

The mandatory OHSAA preseason meeting will be Monday March 5 at 6:00 in the Firestone cafeteria. Parents & athletes must be in attendance. There will be a sign in sheet. If you attended either the fall or winter meeting then this meeting is not required, otherwise you must attend in order to play spring sports.